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December 29, 2012
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Summercamp part 1


You where so exided. You where going to a summer camp in norway. Your boyfriend wanted you to go there while he was working. ''______? Is everything packed?'' you could hear the sweet still emotionless voice to Norway. ''Ja. Its packed…'' You awsnered sweatly and smiled at him. The slim boy with light blonde hair was smiling at you. Something that was rearly he did…. Of course he loved you but he dident smile of nature. Something you always loved about him……for when he smiled he realy meant it. ''I love you so much….i will miss you so much'' he kissed your forehead and strokes your hair. ''silly im coming back of course. Its only going to last some weeks. I will rather be there and be on your boring work.'' You told him. He nodded. ''we are leaving in an hour…..'' he looked at you kinda lustful and it made you giggle. But you told him you wanted to wait till your wedding day. ''please… not gonna see you until the end of the summer!'' he made an adorable little prout.

You couldn't stand it… was to cute…and of course you had always wanted to become one with this handsome Norwegian. You walked to him and kissed him gently on his sweet lips. He responded by kissing you back. ''I love you ______. So much….so very much…… '' he kissed you more and licking your lower lip asking for entrance. You opened your mouth gently letting his tongue slide in and explore your mouth once again. You softly moaned  and wrapped your arms around his neck. His hands gently stroked your sides and slipped under your (Color) top and got it off. You blushed deeply and started to unbutton his shirt. Something that made him to back a bit away. Yes….he hated that somebody took his shirt off……unless you ripped it off he never let you take it off…. ''Unskyld……you know how I am with my shirt'' you giggled softly and watched him unbutton his shirt…..yes you kinda found that hot….it turned you on…..''there….its off''. he smiled and walked back to you. You giggles and ran into the living room and jumped into the couch. You made a sexy pose and winked at him……. Something happened in that boy….he ran to you and glomped you down. ''now im not letting you go! Not after that sexy pose!'' he kissed you deeply and stroked his soft fingers over your stomach.

Then you felt something get off you….your bra… got ice cold on your now uncovered breasts and was about to cover them until somebody came before you. His soft hands was a perfect match for your breasts…..''De er så vakre……'' he whispered in Norwegian and started to gently massange them. That made you moan softly and relax….you felt so safe in his arms. ''I love you Lukas….'' You used his human name. he looked at you sweet and kisses you gently again. After the kiss he moved down and kissed your small pink nipple. He gently stroked it with his tounge and kissed it. It made you moan and feel hotter in your body. ''aahh……N-Norway……'' you moaned his name while he was getting rougher. His teeth was teasing your little nipple. After a while with teasing he moved down to your pants and got them off. ''that's better…..they didn't suit you now…'' he grinned and lightly placed a finger over your wet pantie. That made you moan louder and blush deep red. His touch was to good...and that sexy smile over his face. ''N-Norway….please……'' you stared but got distracted by his finger rubbing you harder and faster. ''A-Ah!!!'' he was driving you crazy of his touch. You then did something you had never believed you would do, you grabbed his pants and pulled them down revealing his Norwegian flag boxer…..but something got your eye…..the big tent inside his boxer. ''somebody is exided~'' you smirked and places a hand on the bulge and rubbed it gentely. You felt hit hard member against your hand and blushed deeply. ''N-Nghh……_______ '' he moaned deeply and blushed. You giggled and grabbed his boxer and pulled it down. You couldn't help but to stare………it was big…..

''Please don't stare thank you'' Norway broke you from your staring…. ''its not nice'' he looked at you he was clearly red in his face. He was just so adorable. You grabbed his member and started to gently pump it up and down. ''A-Ahh!! _-_____!!'' you smiled and pumped it faster and faster. It didn't take long until Norway grabbed your wrists and pinned you down on the floor. ''Bad girl! Now you need to be punished!'' his eyes glowed in lust and moved his head down to your vital relgions. You could feel his hair tickle your legs and then you felt the cold air. Norway had removed your panties by his teeth….damn that was hot. He was sitting between your legs with your wet panties in hit teeth. He dropped them and grinned. ''now you will become one with the Norwegian kingdom…….._____'' he whispered in your ear and placed his member in front of your core…. ''mmmmmm'' you smiled and licked your lips.

Your eyes widened when you felt the stabbing pain, he had been entering you gentle and careful but you couldn't help but cry in pain. ''______?! Im sorry!.....if you want me to I can pull out……'' he looked at you worried as you cryed in pain. ''NEI!! Nei….its to late now……j-just give me some time….o-ok?'' he nodded and kept completely still. The great pain you had changed into something so wonderful and great…. ''p-please move….now..'' he looked worried but did as you told him. He moved slow in the beginning and It drove deep and pleasure filled moans from you. ''M-More!!! HARDER!!!'' You nearly screamed at him. And so he did. Moaning loud and thrusting harder and harder into you. Your eyes went wide open when he hit your sweet spot. ''NORWAY!!!! AHH!!!! SO GOOD!!!!'' he smiled and kept going. You where so close now. ''_-____!!! I-Im so close!!!'' he confessed and hit your harder and rougher.

After some more hits on your spot you couldent stop it. You screamed his name and came. Not long after you came you felt something thick and hot come inside you. ''A-Ah…….mmmmm….that was so great norway'' you smiled at him and moaned softly as he pulled out. You both was staring into your eyes until his eyes opned…''THE CAMP!!!''

To be continued~~
Unskyld = Sorry
De er så vakre = They are so beautiful
Nei = No

This is part one of my NorwayXReader serie...i have no idea on how long it will be bit it will be emotional........i hope you will enjoy this little Lemon :3
Part 2: [link]
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xXxBlueBird15xXx Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
yay there was some Icelandic ~
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Wow, that is quite a lemon...
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i actually started to black out while reading this :iconpervplz:
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*NOSEBLEEDS A RIVER* so hot....want more T_T
IvoryMoonn Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
SO MANY GRAMMAR'S TO FIX... can I just Grammar Nazi on you before I faint of blood-loss?
sigyn1 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012
Hey dont hate.....please dont....i know i suck in grammar but im doing my best
IvoryMoonn Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I vould nevar hate on such a good piece of writing! I just have a thing vere I have to make thingz awezomer by fixing the little thingz iz all...:icondivaprussiaplz:
sigyn1 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012
Oh,.....*rubs the back of my head* its ok ^///^ i hope i dident sound happy you liked it
IvoryMoonn Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
'ow kind of you, mon amie! :iconyayfranceplz:

It's, like, totally okay! I'm not, like, mad at all! :iconyaypolandplz:
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